Alternative Payment Program Provider Participation


Families enrolled in the Alternative Payment program must submit documentation for the provider they select. This page was designed to help you through the process.


Child Care Options

Choosing a child care provider can be overwhelming, so we designed this video to guide parents through the process. Information is shared about the different types of child care providers’ you can select from and what to look for at a child care home or center when you visit. 


Child Care Provider Search

We have a database of child care facilities, including centers and licensed family child care homes in Stanislaus County. This database will allow you to search for child care providers based upon your specific needs.


Provider Participation Requirements

Ask a Family Eligibility Specialist if your selected provider is currently active with us. If the provider is not active, then you will need to pick-up the appropriate provider packet.


TrustLine Process: Family Friend or Neighbor Providers

This video was designed to help parents and license-exempt providers that are family, friends or neighbors understand the TrustLine process. 

NOTE: Family members that are an Aunt, Uncle or Grandparent of the child are not required to go through the TrustLine process.