Case Conferencing 



A multi-disciplinary method used to provide family support. Team members meet monthly to discuss children and families comprehensively and address the immediate needs of families as well as build on their strengths. Ongoing follow-up is documented to assure families receive needed services.

Regulations & Policy

HS Performance Standard 1302.33, 1302.45, 1302.50, 1302.52, 1302.61, 1302.70

The grantee requires the use of case conferencing as a multi-disciplinary method used to provide family support. It is primarily a problem solving process with follow-up provisions of services assigned to particular team members. Family support works best in collaboration with parents/guardians to construct a solid foundation from which the family can foster growth and gain skills. To learn about the policies around Case Conferencing, review the Overview and Grantee Policy 


Case conference is for the entire class and takes place after the first 30 days of enrollment and at a minimum of one time per month. After initial meeting only new children/families and children/families with concerns or updates need to be discussed at the meeting.


Document discussion details in the COPA data base within the Child Case Notes using the COPA Management Systems Case Conferencing Procedure.

The follow-up form is used for each child/family that was marked as “Support needed”. Transfer follow-up Actions to this form. All staff members present for case conferencing must sign the form.

Note: Health staff will document their Child Case Notes under the Case Conferencing tab

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Case conferencing documentation is maintained within a binder located at each site.

Keep case conference binder in locked file cabinet.


A Grantee monitoring review will be held every program year. In addition, self-monitoring must be documented and occur as follows:

  • ERSEA: Within first 45 days 
  • FSPA Assessment: Within 60 days
  • FSPA Goals: Within 70 days
  • Case Conferencing: Quarterly

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