4 Steps to Choosing Child Care


Step 1: Think About Your Child Care Options

In this video and handout you will learn about the types of child care options available for you to choose from. 


Step 2: Begin Your Search

We have a database of child care facilities, including centers and licensed family child care homes in Stanislaus County. You may search for a child care facility based upon your specific needs.


Step 3: Visit, Observe & Ask Questions

Visit the child care facilities you are considering while other children are present. This checklist is designed to help you decide what things about a child care arrangement are most important to you and your family. 

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Step 4: Make a Choice
& Stay Involved 

Once you have visited various child care settings and select the provider that best fits your family, be involved in your child’s learning. Be sure to:

  • Watch carefully and visit unannounced 
  • Have regular parent-provider meetings 
  • Is your child happy, are they learning? 
  • If you are not comfortable with your choice, it is ok to change


Applying for Assistance

If you would like help paying for child care, or would like to apply for a Head Start or State sponsored early education program, please click the link below.