Family & Community Engagement


Parent and family engagement strategies are integrated into all systems and program services to support family well-being and promote children’s learning and development. Programs are encouraged to develop innovative two-generation approaches that address prevalent needs of families across their program that may leverage community partnerships or other funding sources.


HS Performance Standard 1302.50-1302.53 & State Title 5 Section 18275, 18277 & 18280

Parent involvement and family engagement strategies are integrated into all systems and program services to support family well-being and promote children’s learning and development. To learn about the regulations watch the following lessons:

  • Head Start: (Under Construction)
  • State: Involvement/Lesson 1 & 2: Parent & Community Involvement
  • State: Standard, Assessment and Accountability/ Lesson 2: Parent Survey  

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Inform Parents

Family Service Workers distribute the following information to parents each month:

  • Family Activity Calendars promote parent involvement by providing ideas for at home educational activities.
  • DRDP questionnaires involve parents in their child's school readiness & assists teachers with observations
  • Various health & safety information is shared with parents to support their family's well being

Family Summary & Partnership Agreement

Document utilized by Family Service Workers to determine how program staff can support families in pursuing their goals and obtain family engagement data that will measure progress and drive continuous improvement.


We encourage parents to volunteer in our classrooms 

  • Volunteers who will interact with children must meet the volunteer requirements
  • Parents who remain in the classroom for a short period of time solely for the purpose of assisting their child with transition or who support the site but do not engage with children are not subject to the volunteer requirements 
  • Volunteers must be healthy to be present in the facility

Parent Surveys

Family Service Workers ask parents to complete a Parent Meeting Survey upon enrollment to find out what topics they are interested in learning about, their schedule, interest in volunteering and interest in becoming an officer of the Parent Center Committee.

In addition, annually  parents will  receive both the State and Head Start program surveys. The purpose these surveys are to evaluate how the program helped them to support their child’s learning and development, and meet their family’s needs. Data from the annual surveys are used for goal planning.

Parent Meetings

FSW plans & facilitates monthly parent committee meetings at the center, based on survey data. Abriendo Puertas/Opening Doors is our adopted curriculum used at the meetings.

GO Director facilitates the quarterly Parent Advisory Committee meetings held at a central location. At these meeting parents may provide input on what they would like to see in the program. 

 Grantee staff plans & facilitates the Policy Council 

Monthly Parent Committee Meeting

Quarterly Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) 

Policy Council 

COPA Procedures 

Document & record family services

COPA is used to record all of the services staff provide to our families. The data entered is used for planning and reporting outcomes to the Office of Head Start on the Program Information Reports, also known as the PIR


Parent Meeting Binder

Family Service Worker maintains all meeting records in the Parent Meeting Binder including:

  • Parent Committee schedule, compiled surveys, copy of receipts, meeting agenda, minutes, sign-in sheet, evaluation and handouts, including any community resources distributed at the meeting·  
  • Parent Advisory Committee confirmation  & data sheets
  • Site specific Policy Council representative confirmation sheet


A Grantee monitoring review will be held every program year. In addition, self-monitoring must be documented and occur as follows:

  • ERSEA: Within first 45 days 
  • FSPA Assessment: Within 60 days
  • FSPA Goals: Within 70 days
  • Case Conferencing: Quarterly

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