Supporting Families




We support families as a team!

Waiting List

According to the state and federal regulations, our programs must maintain a waiting list in accordance to the admission priorities. Families must be contacted in order of priority from the waiting list as vacancies occur.

FCCHEN: Within Stanislaus County, StanWait is the primary state program waiting list. A family may place themselves on StanWait by telephone, in-person or at   

EHS CCP: In addition to FCCHEN, if a family is interested in EHS CCP the parent must complete an EHS CCP application with the assistance of a Family Service Worker. Interested parents may call (209) 238-6300 or email

Enrollment Process Overview

Family Eligibility Specialist (FCCHEN) and Family Service Worker (EHS CCP) facilitate the enrollment process by working with families to schedule appointments and complete paperwork. 

Once a child is selected for enrollment, the parent will select a provider from the network. The selected provider will be asked to complete the Provider Information form. 

Attendance & Absence Instructions 

When a parent calls in an unplanned absence, provider must record the absence type, such as "sick", and sign using full legal signature.

Authorized adult picks-up a child for the first time their identity will be verified through inspection of their valid government ID, and provider must ask him/her to sign in their full legal signature next to their name on the emergency card and sign-in/out sheet.

If a child is unexpectedly absent without notification from the parent, the provider or assistant must attempt to contact the family by phone within one hour of the child's expected start time.

Case Conferencing

Case Conferencing is used as a multi-disciplinary method to provide family support. Team members meet monthly to discuss children and families comprehensively and address the immediate needs of families as well as build on their strengths.

Providers may express concerns to their Specialist, who in turn will communicate with the team during the monthly case conferencing meeting. The Specialist will document case conferencing concerns and outcomes on the Provider Site Visit record.

Parent Active Supervision 

Supervision in a family child care home is everyone's responsibility. It is important that parents & authorized adults dropping off or picking-up a child from care understand the supervision practices.

Parent Resources

Resources that may be shared with families: