Head Start/State dual enrollment vacancies must be filled immediately as a vacancy impacts our funding. At least 10% of the total enrollment opportunities must be made available for children with disabilities. Family Service Workers facilitate the enrollment process by working with families to schedule appointments and complete paperwork. Teachers or designee are part of the orientation process too. 

Regulations & Policy

HS Performance Standards 1302.12, 1302.14, 1302.15 & State Title 5 Sections 18094, 18105, 18106

Prior to initial enrollment and at the time of roll-over/recertification, programs must certify each family's/child's eligibility.To learn about the regulations watch the following lessons:

  • Head Start: HS ERSEA Course/Lesson 3: Selection & Lesson 4: Enrollment
  • State: Governance & Administration Course/Lessons 1: Family Data File & Lesson 10: Organizing Family Data Files for Success 

Selection Criteria

Children with an open Child Protective Services case or identified as being at-risk of neglect, abuse or exploitation by a legally qualified professional will be selected prior to selecting any other child.

  • COPA will prioritize all applications for Head Start/State Preschool, Early Head Start/General Child Care and Head Start only openings by assigning a point value to each priority as outlined in the ERSEA policy.
  • StanWait will prioritize  applications for State only programs by assigning a ranking number.

Contacting Families 

All families of the children selected will be notified by phone.

  • Families will be contacted by mail or home visit, if they are unable to be reached by telephone.
  • If the family cannot be contacted within three days, the family of the next child on the waiting list will be contacted.
  • All contact attempts will be documented in Family Case notes and on waitlist documentation.
  • Children’s names remain on the waiting list unless family requests removal.

State Program Application

The State program CD9600 Application for Services must be completed no more than 30 days from the time of initial enrollment.

If there is no state application on file or the prior application was completed more than 30 days before the enrollment date a new CD9600 must be completed. Exception: Part-year state preschool applications may be completed 120 days prior to the first day of school. Information on how to complete a CD9600 may be found on the Application webpage.


Teacher or designee orients the family prior to the child's first day of enrollment. The orientation includes: 

  • Tour of the facility
  • Completing licensing and program paperwork
  • Orientation video to learn about program requirements 

New Enrollment Paperwork

shutterstock_682638394 (1).jpg

Length of Eligibility

RHS Child

  • Eligible through that enrollment year & the immediately succeeding enrollment year

EHS or EHS CCP Child

State Child

  • Full Day Classroom: Eligible for 12 months from date state application was signed
  • Extended Day Classroom: Eligible through the school year


In COPA, enrollment is a two-part process. First you must enroll the child, then you must enroll the family.

Family Data File

Head Start and State program enrollment/eligibility documentation are maintained in a family data file.

Using the checklists below file enrollment/eligibility documentation. Please note that family data files must be stored in a locked cabinet.


A Grantee monitoring review will be held every program year. In addition, self-monitoring must be documented and occur as follows:

  • ERSEA: Within first 45 days 
  • FSPA Assessment: Within 60 days
  • FSPA Goals: Within 70 days
  • Case Conferencing: Quarterly

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