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Weekly Memos

Sent out to our GO Team as a means of clear & consistent communication.

Year at a Glance

Used to communicate what to expect & complete each month.


Case Management

Used for the SCOE GO &  Disability teams to discuss cases & develop support plans.

Click here to login to School Messenger

Click here to login to School Messenger

School Messenger

Used to remind parents of a meeting or special event coming-up or if there is an emergency, such as a lock down. School Messenger can contact multiple families within a few moments.

        School Messenger Tools




Our CFS Division & GO Site Staffing structure is as follows:


Site Calendars

Site calendars indicate staff & child days broken down by.


Orientation Plans

Our goal is to ensure staff have the tools needed to do their work. 

Professional Growth

Staff must complete a minimum of 15 hours of professional growth each program year.

NOTE: STARS participation requirement is 21 hours annually

Professional growth hours are tracked in COPA. CFS sponsored training's are automatically recorded. It is each individuals responsibility to submit records (Name, Agenda & Hours) to the Celeste Training Team for any training completed outside of CFS, such as training completed at another agency or online. 

Staff Attendance

Planned Absence: Submit request through AMS. If the absence taken is different than what was requested, notify supervisor. Example: Requested 5 hours & only used 2 hours

Unplanned Absence: Report the absence through AMS online or call (1-800-942-3767) & inform supervisor. 


Staff Sign-In/Out Procedure

All division staff are required to follow the Sign-In & Out procedures at their primary work location.


Workplace Injury Reporting

If injured, contact Company Nurse & Supervisor. Instructions are as follows:


Support Requests


When requesting support from the Admin Team or Program Information Management Team such as vehicle reservations, secretarial requests, and COPA fixes, submit requests through ZenDesk

Office Process & Procedures



Monthly supply orders are due by the 20th of each month using Zendesk. 

Note: Oxivir is available please email requests for Oxiver directly to


Mail Procedures

Information on our mail system is as follows:



If something breaks or hazards are identified, let us know immediately. Submit Work Order through Laserfiche Attention Iris Avelar



We use the Cisco phone system for voice, messaging & conferencing


Office Vehicles

Contact Celeste Admin to reserve vehicle

All Drivers must submit original Driver Form & Quiz to Safety #000 


Those who transport children are required to attend a SCOE Defensive Driver & Keep Baby Safe Courses 

Record Keeping


End of Month Filing Binder

Master Teacher organizes month filing:

  • Center-Based: Monthly COPA reports 201, 208 and 210 used to analyze food program data (Print by 5th of month)
  • CenterTrack Class Roster Report (Reconcile HS & State Classroom assignment & Program model)
  • Sign-in/out sheets
  • Monthly Menu
  • Transport sheets

Monitoring Binder

Master Teacher organizes month filing:

  • Current Year Monitoring Plan
  • Health & Safety
  • Unannounced Supervision
  • Family & Community Engagement
  • Education, Disabilities and Mental Health
  • Program Management & Quality Improvement
  • Fiscal, Facilities and Transportation

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