Family Service Workers recruit on an ongoing basis. Recruitment efforts focus on the Community Outreach Plan, utilizing the COPA recruitment tab, StanWait and  direct contacts such as walk-ins or door-to-door contact within the program service area. All contacts made must be documented on the Community Agency Contact Record and maintained in a binder organized by month. 

Regulations & Policy

HS Performance Standard 1302.13 & State Title 5 Section 18277

Programs are required to develop and implement a recruitment process that is designed to actively inform all families with eligible children within the recruitment area of the availability of services. To learn about the regulations watch the following lessons:

  • Head Start: HS ERSEA Course/Lesson 2: Recruitment
  • State: Involvement Course/Lesson 2: Community Involvement    

Recruitment Plan

Annually, the Director will ask for each individual Site Recruitment Work Plan, which will include planned activities for the program year. The site plans are compiled into a Master Recruitment Plan with the focus on a team approach to recruitment.  

Recruitment Materials

Recruitment materials include community booth hand-outs, program flyers, radio announcements and information on, such as the program overview videos.

2017 FINAL EHS Home Based Flyer (E&SP)_Page_2.jpg

Recruitment Tab

Used to complete a Recruitment Application record that contains partial parent contact information

  • A recruitment application is entered by staff in COPA or by parent through
  • Family Service Worker uses the information on the recruitment tab to follow-up with the parent.
  • Once information has been verified during the registration/ application appointment, the  recruitment application must be converted into the family application within COPA.

Recruitment Binder

Family Service Worker documents all contacts made during any recruitment activities within a binder located at each site

The Community Contact Record is maintained in the Recruitment Binder for each specific month, along with any flyers or handouts gathered from other agencies



A Grantee monitoring review will be held every program year. In addition, self-monitoring must be documented and occur as follows:

  • ERSEA: Within first 45 days 
  • FSPA Assessment: Within 60 days
  • FSPA Goals: Within 70 days
  • Case Conferencing: Quarterly

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