Start a Business - Family Child Care

Many families choose Family Child Care Homes because they like the family environment and the smaller number of children present. Child care offered in a home setting often provide a very consistent primary caregiver for your child and may offer more flexible hours of care for families that need care in the evenings or weekends. Families with multiple children also like that siblings are cared for together rather than separated into different classrooms. Family Child Care Homes are often less expensive than center-based child care programs, but rates within your local community can vary widely.

Is There a Need in My Area?

Before embarking on your new journey, it is important to first determine if there is a need for your Family Child Care Home services.  And if so, what hours of operation would best suit your customers?  If you do not already have parents ready to enroll their children in your Family Child Care Home, explore these resources to get an idea of the child care demand in your local area or neighborhood. 

Stanislaus County Child Care Portfolio

The Stanislaus County Child Care Resource & Referral program contributes child care referral data to the California Child Care Portfolio which seeks to understand and to assist policy makers and communities to best understand child care supply and demand at the local, regional, and statewide level.  The Child Care Portfolio is updated every two years by the California Child Care Resource & Referral Network.  To view the latest Stanislaus County Child Care Portfolio, click here. - Early Care and Education Summary

In partnership with the California Child Care Resource & Referral Network, this site provide data tables for the Child Care Portfolio.  It's a different way of looking at the data.  Click here to view the data tables for Stanislaus County.  Don't forget to filter to Stanislaus County.  

Stanislaus County Child Care Needs Assessment

The Stanislaus County Local Child Development Planning Council is charged with conducting a child care needs assessment no less than once every five years.  To view the latest Stanislaus County Child Care Needs Assessment, click here.  

Family Child Care Licensing

Family Child Care Homes in California are licensed by the State of California's Community Care Licensing Division.  Explore the links below to get started.  To learn extensive information about Family Child Care licensing, go to     

Is Family Child Care the Right Business for Me?

Opening a family child care home is an important decision. Find out the key information to consider before submitting an application to Community Care Licensing.

This video provides helpful answers to the following questions:

  1. What are some of the business responsibilities of a family child care provider?
  2. What will change in my home if I open a family child care facility?
  3. What are some of the financial obligations I should expect?
  4. What other important considerations come with operating a family child care home?

Background Check Requirements for Caregivers

Operators of licensed child care facilities, as well as certain personnel, must submit to a background check and criminal clearance before working at a child care site. Learn the steps for completing this requirement.


How to Apply for a Family Child Care License

The application process for a family child care license includes several steps. Become familiar with licensing requirements, including the orientation and pre-licensing inspection.

This video provides helpful answers to the following questions:

  1. Where do I find licensing laws and regulations?
  2. What is the family child care home orientation?
  3. What forms and documents will I need to complete and submit?
  4. What is the pre-licensing inspection?

Resources: Handouts & Lending Library Items
Child Care Resource & Referral offers materials on a wide variety of topics related to child care. The materials are free to the public and can be obtained online using the link below or by visiting our office located at 1325 Celeste Drive in the city of Modesto.

Need Support?

The Child Care Resource & Referral program is the proud contractor of the the California Child Care Initiative Project (CCIP).  A quality improvement project that delivers recruitment, training and support for prospective and licensed family child care businesses. This video has been designed to learn about the CCIP program.

To learn more about the CCIP program or have questions about Family Child Care, call (209) 238-6400 to connect with Child Care Resource & Referral staff.  


Health and Safety Training Information
Health and safety training is required of all early educators.  A limited number of scholarships are available for those seeking reimbursement for the Health and Safety Course, CPR, First Aid and/or Preventative Health Practices training expenses. Information can be obtained online using the link below.

Professional Development

As with any professional, once you obtain your Family Child Care Home license, it is important to participate in ongoing professional development.  The Stanislaus County Child Care Resource & Referral program, along with other community agencies, provides a variety or low and no cost training and professional development events in the county.