Enrollment Process Overview


Follow the steps below... 

to enroll in a state or federally funded early education program in Stanislaus County. Programs include Head Start, State Preschool, General Child Care, Migrant Center-Based, Family Child Care Home Education Network or Alternative Payment:

Step 1: Apply for Assistance

Learn about the options available to you and how apply for a program in Stanislaus County.


Step 2: Submit Documents

Eligibility is verified for Head Start programs when a family applies. State programs, such as State Preschool, General Child Care, State Migrant or Alternative Payment programs verify eligibility at the time of enrollment. There are 17 agencies in Stanislaus County that operate state or federally funded programs. The enrolling agency will let you know what their process is for enrollment.


Step 3: Program Orientation

Once selected for enrollment, the enrolling agency will take you through a program orientation so that your family may learn about what to expect after enrollment.